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Diploma / Advanced Diploma / Higher Diploma / Professional Postgraduate Diploma / Graduate Specialist Diploma / Professional Masters / Professional Doctorates

Faculty of Social Work and Social Policy

  • Social Work
  • Social Policy
  • Social Justice
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection
  • Social Work Advocacy and Campaign
  • Social Welfare Administration
  • Social Justice Administration

Faculty of Socialcare and Healthcare Management

  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health
  • Elderly Care
  • Institutional Management
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Hospital Administration


  • Join our global student population to benefit from the any of the College’s blended programmes that allowing students to earn qualifications that will deepen and enhance their career from anywhere, without any form of interruptions to your work and study.
  • A balanced curriculum with deep exposure and global trends supported by ecareer counseling and guide.
  • A conducive learning/study environment, with encouraging college community.
  • Students benefit from the College’s local and international Internship and Exchange Opportunities.
  • Graduates benefit from the College’s Job Placement Opportunities with partner organizations.

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