The Registrar

Dr. AbdulHamid O. O. Bello is a Multidisciplinary Consultant with a combined professional experience spanning over 25 years in social work, journalism/media, publishing, public relation, healthcare/hospital administration, education, research, conflict management, cost management, restorative and development practice. He started his career as a Research Officer and rose to become the Managing Director & CEO of the company managing and overseeing several projects which included the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria’s approved and backed ‘Nigerian Mortgage Banks & Allied Institutions Directory’ and thereafter joined The Guardian as a Associate Supplement Reporter. He served as the Deputy Registrar of the Chartered Institute of Cost Managers of Nigeria and thereafter was appointed the Director of Corporate Services & International Collaboration for the Institute of Social Work of Nigeria. He also served as the Executive Director of Community Relations, Economic & Education Development Project (CREEDPlatform) on voluntary basis.

Dr. Bello is currently serving as a Member of Media & Logistics Committee of Radical Women Foundation USA; Member of Working Group of the Women of Heart Foundation UK, and Member, Working Group – European Social Network. He served as a Member of the Editorial Board of the Institute of Social Work of Nigeria, the Institute of Healthcare Management of Nigeria and the Centre for Restorative and Sustainable Development.

Before taking up this appointment as the Registrar of the College, he was the Founder & Director of Studies of Social Work Professional School; a Consultant to the following organizations: Lanrae ICT Solutions, Paytrove Exchange and TBC Consultants Ltd (a media, public relations, publishing & research firm). He is currently serving as the CEO of the International Social Work Summit for Africa (a think tank on social work in Africa) and he is also the Principal Consultant/CEO of Olayinka Bello Consulting (a multidisciplinary consulting firm).

He is a licensed Professional Social Worker and a Cost Management Consultant. Dr. Bello is a member of several professional bodies/institutes which include the Fellow of the Institute of Social Work of Nigeria (FSOW), Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Cost Managers of Nigeria (FCCM), Full Member of Nigerian Association of Social Workers (MNASW), Associate of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, Associate of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and Associate of the Society for Peace Studies & Practice, Nigeria (ASPSP). Equally he is a Life Member of several research bodies which include the Association for Development of Teaching, Education and Learning (MAfDTEL); Social Science and Humanities Research Association (MSSHR); Teaching and Education Research Association (MTERA) and the Global Association for Humanities and Social Science Research (MGAHSSR).

Dr. AbdulHamid Olayinka Bello belongs to other trade associations as active Full Member namely Social Workers Without Border (SWWB), Network of Professional Social Workers (NPSW), Guild of Professional Social Workers (GPSW), Network of Psychotherapists & Clinicians in Private Practice (NPCPP), Safeguarding the Nigerian Child Group (SNCG) and Saffron Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP). He is a prolific writer, author, researcher and biographer and he has written and edited several articles and books namely Politics Without Bitters, Rudiment of Mentoring, Non Verbal Communication in Social Work, The Professional Social Work Journal, International Journal of Healthcare Management, Radical Assault on Peoples’ Emotions (RAPE), Shared Parenting, Counselling in Social Work, The Reality of Life and Consequences of Wrong Courtship in Marriage. Dr. Bello has presented professional articles and papers and have attended several conferences and courses locally and internationally.